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nettTracker Product Update – January 2021

nettTracker provides an automated fixed asset register for QuickBooks Online and Xero.

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nettTracker provides an automated fixed asset register for QuickBooks Online and Xero.

Here are their January 2021 product updates:

Double Decline Depreciation

For accounting firms and business owners based in the U.S. ‘double-decline’ is a popular method of depreciating fixed assets. This is now a default option within nettTracker, with the choice to write the asset off over the desired number of years.

Defer Depreciation

For assets that are purchased in stages (deposits etc), the transaction could be added to be added to the fixed asset register, but it could be some months before the asset is put into service. nettTracker now offers the ability to defer the depreciation until you are ready to set a depreciation start date. (already in place, is the option to group multiple transactions as one line within a ‘kit’)

Specify Depreciation Start Date

Previously the default depreciation start date would be in the month of purchase. It is now possible to set the date the depreciation calculations should start from when the asset is being added to the register.

Complete Video Tutorial

A complete tutorial is now available to watch. The idea of the tutorial is to be ‘interactive’ for new users, so watching small sections, pausing video and then working through what you’ve learnt. Continuing with the video when you have completed each step.
The entire video is only 46 minutes long, which covers all features.

Within the YouTube description the full contents are listed so if you need to recap or skip to a section that you need to look at, you can do that quickly and easily.

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