New feature from Karbon: BILLING & PAYMENTS for ACCOUNTING FIRMS image

New feature from Karbon: BILLING & PAYMENTS for ACCOUNTING FIRMS

Seamlessly incorporated into your accounting firm's operations with Karbon's new feature!

Posted byKarbon
onThursday, 25 January 2024

Introducing Billing & Payments in Karbon Practice Management: Streamline your accounting firm's workflow with flexible billing and faster payments. Demos now available!

Key Features:

  • Integrated workflows for seamless billing

  • Flexible invoicing options, including time billing, fixed fee, and recurring billing

  • Faster payments with automated invoicing and payment options

  • Real-time reporting for profitability analysis

  • Collaborative invoicing with embedded communication

  • Receivables dashboard for confident management

  • Customizable invoices with your firm's branding

  • Comprehensive features such as time tracking, budgets, custom rates, invoice creation, collaboration, write-on/write-off, billing runs, and API integration.

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