New feature from nettTracker: modify the year-end date of a company image

New feature from nettTracker: modify the year-end date of a company

nettTracker introduces version 1.22 with a new wizard for changing financial year-end dates, aiming to streamline support queries and enhance user experience.

Posted bynettTracker
onThursday, 18 April 2024

One of the most frequent support queries we get relates to the year-end dates of nettTracker companies…or more specifically “help, I’ve set the wrong date for my year-end!” It’s easily done, but until now, something that had to be resolved to the support team to resolve manually - not the best solution, for either of us!!

Today, we have released version 1.22, which includes a new wizard to help change the financial year end date for your companies. The wizard can be found from the company Settings menu and is really simple to use - simply enter the date that you want to use as your new year-end.

There are a few caveats.

To keep consistency with journals that nettTracker has posted to your accounting package, a year cannot be shortened to a date that is before the posting date of your most recent journal entry. For example, if you have posted to 30 April 2023, you will not be able to bring your year-end date earlier than that.

If there are assets acquired or processed transactions date beyond your requested date, that will not be allowed - you will have to resolve the issue by deleting assets that would now have been acquired in the next financial year.

And lastly, a year cannot be longer than 18 months. We do this to try and keep the projection screen easily readable - more than 18 date columns becomes almost too cluttered to read.

We’ve got quite a few things in the pipeline right now as we try to keep improving and adding value to the nettTracker application.

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