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New Product Release: G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting

Posted byG-Accon
onWednesday, 29 March 2023

We at G-Accon are so excited to introduce a brand new product: G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting!

Our popular Google Sheets add-on for Xero and QuickBooks is now available for Sage Cloud Accounting!

G-Accon's new product is a live link between Sage Cloud Accounting and Google Sheets. It allows accountants and bookkeepers automatically generate, modify and refresh custom and consolidated financial reports, export raw financial data, and upload accounting data in bulk directly from Google Sheets in one click.

G-Accon is now listed on the Sage marketplace, which means we are officially certified by Sage


What is Sage?

Sage Cloud Accounting is a powerful cloud-based accounting software –– built for business owners and accountants –– that offers solutions for invoicing, expense tracking, stock management, and more. It is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

What is G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting?

G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting is a beneficial tool for many professionals, including accountants, bookkeepers, advisors, and business owners. It is the easiest way to automatically transfer data from Sage to Google Sheets, work with data using the power of Google Sheets, and push data to accounting software thanks to two-way synchronization. 

How can G-Accon generate custom accounting reports and extract raw data in Google Sheets from Sage accounts?

G-Accon for Sage is a Google Sheets add-on which allows users to create custom reports directly in Google Sheets. There are a variety of reports available, including Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Transaction List, Trial Balance, and more. Thanks to G-Accon you can also use other Google applications and bring accounting automation on a new level. For example, connect to Google Data Studio to create informative charts and dashboards and analyze business even deeper. You can also upload unlimited data back to Sage or other accounting platforms, which especially useful when you use several apps.

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Save up to 40 hours per month with G-Accon? Connect Sage to Google Sheets and make it real!

  • Create and modify data queries or reporting templates to manipulate data more effectively

  • Save and share templates in the Cloud 

  • Use Cloud Template Library to create standard reports in seconds

  • Schedule automation (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) to refresh data on a set schedule without user initiation 

  • Refresh data/reports for all organizations in one click 

  • Consolidate data for multiple companies in one or several Google spreadsheets 

  • Auto-export and email updated reports in Google Sheets, Excel, PDF, or CSV 

  • Schedule backups of historical data snapshots to your Google Drive for easy access

  • Create Workflows to automate standard tasks

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7 reasons to start using G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting today

There are many reasons to connect Sage Cloud Accounting to Google Sheets with G-Accon today:

  • Generate custom accounting reports in Google Sheets

  • Easily extract raw financial data

  • Automate your report generation and data extraction 

  • Ability to collaborate with your team and clients using Google Cloud technology

  • Access to all Google Sheets features, formulas, filters

  • Create flexible report formats for any purpose

  • Take advantage of error-reduction features

Find an example below of how G-Accon for Sage Cloud Accounting can be used to create different accounting reports by using the Get Data from Sage menu option.

Are you interested in learning more about G-Accon’s new product? Click on the link to request a free webinar.


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