New Product Released: 2-in-1 G-Accon for WorkflowMax/Xero PM! image

New Product Released: 2-in-1 G-Accon for WorkflowMax/Xero PM!

We are excited to introduce a brand new product that has been released...

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We are excited to introduce a brand new product that has been released in the G-Suite Marketplace: 2-in-1 G-Accon for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager! This new tool is a powerful end-to-end job management software that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. This product will help you with items such as quotes, jobs, invoices, estimates, time sheets, and anything else that you may require to complete your project management.

G-Accon for WFM & XPM is able to connect to Google Sheets and share data bi-directionally. This connection with Google Sheets allows you to upload data in bulk, create custom reports, and export these items directly from Google Sheets. We also offer a set of standard financial reports that include jobs reports, job invoice reports, purchase orders and quotes details and summary reports, staff and client reports, and timesheet reports.

You will have a 14-day free trial where you can test out these innovative features before committing to the product.

Install G-Accon for WFM & XPM

Features and Functionality

G-Accon for WFM & XPM offers the following powerful features to G-Accon users:

  • Ability to work remotely

  • Easily extract raw financial and management data

  • Consolidate data from multiple organizations in one or multiple Google Sheets 

  • Use standard or customized templates to create financial Reports

  • Consolidate reports from multiple entities

  • Refresh data automatically using a flexible schedule

  • Schedule backups of historical data

  • Data monitoring and alerts

  • Send emails automatically with the attachments in different formats such as MS Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets.

  • Customize alerts and send them to your clients when a certain criteria is met

  • Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically when you are offline. This could be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Furthermore, you can create BI dashboards by connecting your spreadsheets to Google Data Studio, Tableau, MS Power BI, Looker, and other BI tools.

Interested in learning more about our new product? Click on the link below to watch a helpful video and see why G-Accon for WFM & XPM is crucial for you and your business.

Watch G-Accon for WFM & XPM Video

See the example below to see how you can use G-Accon for WFM & XPM to create your own financial report by using the report designer menu option.

Reports Designer:

Embedded image

Design WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager Reports

Upload Data to WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager:

This example will show you how to upload bulk data from Google Sheets to Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max.

Embedded image

Upload Data from Google Sheets to WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager

Download the Standard Reports to google sheet:

This next example will show you how to download standard financial and management reports from Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max to Google Sheets.

Embedded image

Download Financial/Management Reports to Google Sheets

Automate downloads/uploads:

This last example will show you how to set up automations and create your own workflows within our applications.

Embedded image

Automate downloads/uploadsG-Accon for WFM & XPM Documentation

We are always open to feedback on how to improve our application and processes. Feel free to reach us at to ask any questions and/or provide any constructive suggestions and ideas.

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