Product update: Instant Offers from two new lenders from Capitalise image

Product update: Instant Offers from two new lenders from Capitalise

Capitalise have announced adding two new lenders to Instant Offers: YouLend and Fleximize

Posted byCapitalise
onThursday, 2 November 2023

Capitalise made a recent public announcement regarding the addition of two new lenders, YouLend and Fleximize, onto Instant Offers. Instant Offers functions by sending applications directly to lenders through an API, ensuring the prompt receipt of offers. This development means that Capitalise users can now receive immediate responses from an expanded pool of lenders, streamlining the process for customers seeking a broader range of lending options.

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With the upgraded integration of YouLend on Instant Offers, the platform now supports their new underwritten offer journey. YouLend specialises in providing a merchant cash advance product aimed at retail and e-commerce businesses. The funding amount ranges from £3,000 to £1,000,000, with repayment automatically deducted as a fixed percentage of the daily sales.

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Similarly, the collaboration with Fleximize has enabled applications to be directly routed to Fleximize's underwriting systems, expediting the process of receiving offers. Fleximize offers business loans ranging from £5,000 to £500,000, with flexible terms designed to cater to the needs of small businesses. These terms also allow for early repayment to reduce the overall repayment amount.

Capitalise initially launched Instant Offers in 2019, and the recent integration of more APIs into the market demonstrates the growing investment by lenders into their commercial lending products. This trend is further fueled by various government lending schemes such as CBILs, Bounce Backs, and RLS. Business owners seeking funding can sign up for Capitalise for Business to access these newly added lenders. Additionally, accountant partners can also register or schedule a demonstration to learn how they can assist their clients in accessing funding through the platform.

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