Spotlight Reporting in 2023: A Year of Innovation image

Spotlight Reporting in 2023: A Year of Innovation

Throughout the year, Spotlight Reporting embarked on a journey of innovation, pushing boundaries and embracing new possibilities to bring top-tier reporting tools to you.

onThursday, 14 December 2023

As Spotlight Reporting bids farewell to 2023, they reflect on a pivotal year marked by the highly anticipated launch of their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting tool, Spotlight Sustain. Throughout this innovative journey, Spotlight Reporting pushed boundaries and embraced new possibilities, delivering cutting-edge reporting tools to their users.

Responding to user feedback, Spotlight Reporting enhanced the user experience of their flagship product, engaged in insightful conversations with industry experts such as Will Farnell, Amanda Watts, Joe David, and others, and participated in global industry events like the Xero Roadshows, Accountex London, Xerocon Sydney, and The Digital Accountancy Show.

To showcase their achievements, here are Spotlight Reporting's top five favorite product releases from the year:

  1. Spotlight Sustain: Recognizing the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting in 2023 and beyond, Spotlight Reporting introduced Spotlight Sustain. This tool is meticulously designed to simplify the setting and tracking of ESG objectives, allowing users to effortlessly create comprehensive reports showcasing their objectives and the journey toward achieving them.

  2. Main Screen Improvements: In response to user feedback, Spotlight Reporting enhanced the main screen experience in Spotlight Reporting and Dashboards. Users can now search for organizations in real-time, pin favorites to the top, and conveniently sort columns.

  3. Text Panels with Color Customization: Spotlight Reporting responded to user requests by introducing easily editable text panels alongside charts. Users can now add commentary, insert auto-text or custom tags, and format them to their liking. Customizable font and background colors allow users to make their commentary stand out.

  4. Two-step Authentication: Prioritizing security, Spotlight Reporting made two-step authentication (2SA) a requirement for all users. Additionally, they added support for 2SA using authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, removing SMS as a 2SA option.

  5. Childcare and Construction Industry Templates: Spotlight Reporting introduced turn-key report templates for entities in the Childcare and Construction industries. These templates, divided into financial and operational metrics, provide a comprehensive view against goals and objectives.

As Spotlight Reporting reflects on the changes of the past year, they take pride in the progress made and the vibrant community they are dedicated to serving. Users are invited to check Spotlight Reporting's Release Notes page for more information on their latest updates.

See you in 2024! The entire Spotlight Reporting team wishes users a fantastic holiday season, expressing gratitude for ongoing trust and support. Spotlight Reporting will return in 2024, rejuvenated and poised to make new strides after a well-deserved break.

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