Spotlight Reporting Launches Revolutionary ESG Reporting Tool as Demand Grows image

Spotlight Reporting Launches Revolutionary ESG Reporting Tool as Demand Grows

As enterprises seek to improve ESG initiatives and transparency, effective reporting becomes an imperative.

onMonday, 27 November 2023

Spotlight Reporting Launches Revolutionary ESG Reporting Tool as Demand Grows

Wellington - 27 November 2023

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting is becoming an increasingly necessary aspect of business activity in 2023 and beyond. Not only are enterprises recognising the need to be involved in ‘measuring what matters’ beyond the bottom-line, but they are seeking solutions to the problems that organisations and communities face in this modern world.

Recognising this need, Spotlight Reporting has today officially launched its standalone ESG Reporting solution, Spotlight Sustain. With over 12 years of expertise in delivering engaging and actionable reports and forecasts to accountants, CFOs and advisors, Spotlight Reporting’s new Sustain product will streamline the ESG reporting process, access data from leading specialist providers, while also being highly customisable and adaptable to specific business needs and initiatives.

Demand for ESG Reporting grows as regulations, sustainability and social causes boom

In its sustainability predictions for 2023, global analysts IDC highlight the role of reporting in the ESG boom, stating that by 2026, “70% of organisations…will achieve improved operational efficiencies leading to distinctive business benefits of improved ESG and financial performance.”

In addition, the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (HLS) released guidance on ESG trends, also championing the critical role of reporting. Amidst the demand for return on ESG initiatives, the researchers find data and the means of capturing and sharing key insights is evolving.

“In this environment, companies need to start evaluating their ESG-related reporting with a rigour akin to that applied to their financial reporting processes. [...] Companies should evaluate seriously the internal systems and tools that are being used to collect, scrub, analyse, verify and report that data.”

Harvard Law School

Launching Spotlight Sustain to support global enterprises and their advisors

Designed for advisors, accountants and CFOs alike, Spotlight Sustain offers crucial functionality across all key areas of ESG, with the ability for reports to drill down on what the business or client is most interested in.

Through customisable templates, extensive graphs, and the ability to add additional commentary and imagery, Spotlight Sustain provides the means to deliver actionable and engaging reports on the following areas:

  • Environment: with a focus on improving impact, monitoring and reporting on environmental initiatives.

  • Social: to develop and evolve company culture and structure, analyse and track social performance indicators.

  • Governance: to report on governance while also taking into account specific measures relating to organisational oversight.

With the ability to capture unique KPIs and deliver reports that are both meaningful and beautiful, users of Spotlight Sustain can realise tangible and ongoing benefits. This includes the ability to measure what matters most, to ensure the client or business is on the right side of change, to bake transparency and trust into business operations, and expand and develop advisory services.

Richard Francis, Founder and CEO of Spotlight Reporting, comments on the launch stating, “ESG reporting only promises to grow in significance and importance. Organisations that are able to showcase genuine change, or advisors that drive and support this for their clients, are the ones that will come out on top.

“With Spotlight Sustain we’re proud to offer a product that caters to a diverse array of ESG reporting needs, and not only offers actionable insights but should help to drive deeper and more robust relationships between advisors and their clients, or business leaders and boards.”

You’re invited to try Spotlight Sustain for yourself. Click this link.

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