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Streamlining Integration with AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ introduces a Developer Portal to streamline integration processes, enhancing control and accessibility for administrators while offering access to popular integrations and improving authentication security.

Posted onThursday 29 February 2024

AccountsIQ announces the launch of its Integration Applications Developer Portal, aimed at simplifying and expediting the integration process. This enhancement grants administrators full control over integrated applications, allowing them to manage access, create new applications, and download activity logs conveniently.

A notable feature is the increased authority for Group Customer Admins, facilitating swift access management across multiple entities. Additionally, the portal offers access to nearly 30 pre-existing integrations, including Salesforce and Expensify, ensuring a seamless integration journey.

Plus, a significant upgrade to the authentication process using OAuth 2.0 replaces the previous token method, enhancing security and expediting integrations.

Integrating with AccountsIQ streamlines processes, reduces errors, and provides real-time data insights, fostering a more efficient business environment.

With the new Developer Portal, AccountsIQ aims to empower customers to streamline operations and drive growth through seamless integration. Contact us to learn more about leveraging AccountsIQ integration for your organisation.

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