Syft's New AI Commentary Will Blow Your Socks Off 馃く image

Syft's New AI Commentary Will Blow Your Socks Off 馃く

New feature: AI Commentary by Syft

onFriday, 10 March 2023

Our Executive Summary is one of our most famous features. In聽a discussion聽about his experience of Syft, Andrew Seguin, the Founder of Seguin Financial, in Cornwall, Ontario, said:

鈥淭he automated financial reports coming out of Syft that provide the Executive Summary have been a godsend for us."

Today, we've introduced a more powerful, optimizable, AI-powered version of our Executive Summary 鈥 AI Commentary. Read on for all the details.

Customize, customize, customize 馃獎

When you create a template in your Executive Summary, you have the following options according to your report type:

  • For reusable聽report templates:聽you can include the chart of accounts and standard categories; and

  • For entity-specific report templates:聽you can include everything from chart of accounts and layouts to KPIs. And you can select multiple entities simultaneously.

Pro tip 馃挕:聽You can also choose between landscape or portrait mode.

How do you get started?

When adding content to your report, select the "Summary" option. You will then see that you have three options to choose from. Let's break each of these down:

  1. AI Templates:聽preset templates which guide you on what to add as comments to your report. This will insert the number of templates that corresponds with the number of entities you are reporting on.

  2. Start from scratch:聽select AI commentary and build out your own commentary including specific date ranges, templates, bolding, italics, underlining, headings, bullet points, and tables.

  3. Exec Summ (Legacy):聽this is our original executive summary.

Embedded image

When starting from scratch, you can insert a template or use the @ sign to mention accounts, totals, or even entity names. To insert a template, click "Insert template". Your options will change according to the selected entity.

Embedded image

Note 馃摑:聽You need to click twice on your data to see the options for period selection.

Create customizable tables 馃コ

If you are on the Enterprise+ plan, you will be able to insert tables and edit everything about them, from the layout, color and borders to the contents and whether there are bullet points or numbers.

You can also expand the table to full-screen while you work on it, and insert multiple periods and prior data ranges into your table. To delete the table, press聽command/control A, or remove the rows.

Embedded image

Try it for yourself 馃殌

Our new AI Commentary feature provides you with more in-depth and modifiable summaries that are fully dynamic. This is great for financial disclosure and customer-related information, as well as for adding accounting policies and notes. It's never been easier to generate report commentary. Try our new, super-customizable feature today!

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