Unveiling More Versatile Ledger Formatting Options with Syft Analytics image

Unveiling More Versatile Ledger Formatting Options with Syft Analytics

Enhance financial analysis with Syft Analytics' customizable decimal places and diverse format options for ledger data. Elevate insights today!

onFriday, 28 July 2023

In our ongoing commitment to providing you with the most versatile and user-friendly financial analysis tools, we would now like to introduce some exciting enhancements to the ledger formatting options. These updates empower you with greater control over how your financial data is presented, making it easier than ever to gain valuable insights and make well-informed decisions.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the latest improvements, including customizable decimal places and a variety of new format choices for group and category totals. Let's dive in!

What's new?

This week, we've introduced some exciting enhancements to the ledger feature, which provide you with greater control and flexibility in managing your financial data.

Decimal places

You are now able to set the number of decimal places displayed on group totals, category totals, and equations. Decimal places can be set between 0 and 4, with the additional option of "Auto" which will use default behaviors.

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Why this is great: This is particularly useful when it comes to working with different exchange rates.

Group and category totals formatting

You can change the format of group and category totals from a currency amount. The list of possible formats for groups and categories is now:

  • Currency;

  • Number;

  • Ratio;

  • Percentage;

  • Days; and

  • Times.

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The ability to set decimal places and choose from a diverse range of formats for group and category totals empowers you to tailor your analysis precisely to your needs.

Customize your ledgers the way you like

Whether you're managing complex financial reports, calculating critical ratios, or tracking performance over time, Syft's enhanced ledger features ensure that your insights are presented with unparalleled clarity and precision. Embrace the power of these updates and take your financial analysis to new heights with Syft Analytics.

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