Visualize and analyze your payroll data with the Syft-Gusto connection 馃 image

Visualize and analyze your payroll data with the Syft-Gusto connection 馃

Syft Analytics have introduced Gusto to make the process of imposing data into Syft easy. To that end, it now connects directly to Gusto payroll software.

onFriday, 28 July 2023

We introduced聽Connections聽a few months ago to make the process of importing non-financial data into Syft a smooth experience. To begin with, you were able to upload data from Excel or Google Sheets using our Connector tool. That is still available, but we are working to make the process a lot less manual. Part of that involves adding direct connections to the software that you use to manage other aspects of your business.

We even have a place for you to vote for the connection you'd like us to add next! And, one of our top requests was the beloved payroll solution, Gusto. So, today I'd like to introduce you to Syft's very first direct connection - Gusto.

Connect Gusto to Syft to analyze and visualize your payroll data and report on it in conjunction with data from your accounting and e-commerce software so that you get the full picture of your business.

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About Gusto

Gusto is a top-rated payroll software that helps you to work faster and reduce errors by automating your payroll, HR, and more. With Gusto, you can access the tools you need to hire, pay, and manage your team all in one place.

With Gusto, payroll is as easy as a few clicks. The software automatically files your taxes for you, helps with compliance, and can even identify hidden tax credits to save you money. It also automatically calculates and syncs your team's hours, PTO, and holidays while providing you with employee feedback surveys, workforce costing features, and more.

Get connected

With the new Gusto connection, you can bridge the gap between payroll processing and payroll analysis in just a few quick steps!

To get started 馃挕:聽Follow our聽dedicated guide.

Your connection data can be refreshed on demand, so you can make sure it stays up-to-date whenever changes are implemented on your Gusto entity.

Once you've made the connection, you can unlock a bounty of powerful Syft features, including:

  • Dashboards:聽visualize payroll information alongside accounting information

  • KPIs:聽analyze your payroll data alongside other key metrics

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  • Ledgers:聽build complex tables across both financial and non-financial information, including your payroll information

  • Financial Health:聽add payroll data as criteria in financial health scorecards

  • Forecasting:聽plan for future scenarios with payroll data

  • Budgeting:聽include payroll information in budgets

Last, but definitely not least, you can assemble all the different reports, graphs, and analytics you like in聽a collaborative report聽that updates in real-time or an Excel or PDF report pack, which you can even聽schedule to send聽automatically. You can use company-wide payroll or individual department payrolls for your reports.

Sound good to you? Why not give it a try - and let us know what you think!

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