Cloud Accounting for SMEs – 23rd August at 11am webinar from iplicit image

Cloud Accounting for SMEs – 23rd August at 11am webinar from iplicit

Concerned that your on-premise finance system may be discontinued? Wondering if a cloud-based solution is the right next step? Then this webinar is for you.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2023
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Join us for our ‘Moving to Cloud Accounting Webinar’ on 23rd August at 11am

If you’re using on-premise finance systems like Sage, Access, Pegasus, Exchequer, PS Financials, or a micro cloud system like Xero and QuickBooks, this webinar is for you. Discover the UK's leading cloud accounting solution for SMEs and fast-growing companies.

Increase visibility and make better decisions with unlimited dimensional analysis. Automations that make month end a breeze. Collaborate easier with your colleagues. Manage approval workflows with ease. Improve financial control. Integrate your other systems for complete visibility.

In this quick and pacey webinar, we will cover

  • Advanced workflows and approvals

  • Flexible multi-dimensional reporting

  • Automated billing and revenue recognition

  • Intercompany management

  • Multicurrency and multi-entity consolidation

  • API & systems integration

  • A short demo of iplicit


Edinburgh International Festival saves time and enjoys better reporting with iplicit:

“iplicit’s automation features alone save around two days’ worth of work each month. Payment runs can be done in a fraction of the

time they took previously, while bank reconciliation is “phenomenally easier and quicker.”

Andrew Brownlie, Head of Finance, Edinburgh International Festival, having switched from Sage to iplicit


Register for the webinar now

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