Dext part 1: Goodbye data entry. Hello! Effortless accounting image

Dext part 1: Goodbye data entry. Hello! Effortless accounting

How do you get started and how do you ensure it’s a success? Webinar on Tuesday, 28th November at 10.30am (UK)

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Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Watch part 1 now

Join Dext's own Katie Hawking and Paul Lodder, hosted by Will Farnell, to hear what they wished they had known before they started to automate a practice. These industry experts are always a treat to watch, giving candid and honest opinions on how to best improve your accountancy practice with automation.

Discover tips, tools, and resources to help unleash your full potential confidently and securely.

Perfect for those of you in the early stages of your digital transformation journey. Register now for a back-to-basics discussion, and ease any concerns you may have on:

  • Implementation

  • Time needed

  • The real potential value

This is part one in a two-part series of webinars with Dext, hosted by App Advisory Plus. Register now to secure your free spot!


Katie Hawking, Global Head of Practice Solutions and Sales Enablement at Dext

Paul Lodder, VP Accounting Product Strategy at Dext

Will Farnell, co-founder of App Advisory Plus and founder and director at Farnell Clarke

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