Dext part 2: Optimising accounting automation for efficiency image

Dext part 2: Optimising accounting automation for efficiency

Is your accounting automation truly optimised for peak efficiency? Webinar on Tuesday, 5th December at 10.30am (UK)

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Tuesday 5 December 2023
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Join Paul, Katie and Will in part 2 for an in-depth discussion on elevating your firm's automation, data, and insights. Take a deep dive into crafting the perfect end-to-end workflow. If you're already using automation tools and ready to enhance efficiency, this session is tailored for you.

Topics include:
- Enhancing client service through automation.
- Leveraging efficient integrations: Multiple integration vs. end-to-end solutions.
- Strategically selecting the ideal end-to-end workflow for your firm.

You may already be using automation, but are you getting the full value from it? Hear these three experts explain what you could do to level-up your digital automation process, with in

You'll learn how to:
- Accelerate your firm's digital transformation
- Add value for you and your clients
- Become even more efficient, saving you time and money

This is part two in a two-part series of webinars with Dext, hosted by App Advisory Plus. Register now to secure your free spot!


Paul Lodder, VP Accounting Product Strategy at Dext

Katie Hawking, Global Head of Practice Solutions and Sales Enablement at Dext

Will Farnell, co-founder of App Advisory Plus and founder and director at Farnell Clarke

Watch the recording now!

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