Getting the most out of your firm's data to track performance and measure future growth with Karbon image

Getting the most out of your firm's data to track performance and measure future growth with Karbon

App of the Month webinar with Karbon

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Tuesday, 25 April 2023
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April's App of the Month webinar with our Gold Partner Karbon

How well do you really know how your accounting firm is performing? Can you accurately predict where you will be next month, next year and beyond?

This presentation will share the critical metrics and KPIs every firm should track to understand performance and future growth. Each of these metrics tracks an individual aspect of your practice, and when combined, they will give you a comprehensive view of how you are performing and where you are trending.

Join Will Farnell, co-founder of App Advisory Plus, with Rowan Van Tromp from our Gold Partner and App of the Month Karbon, and long-time Karbon advocate Lauren Harvey, founder and director of Full Stop, for this exciting webinar!


Will Farnell is the founder of Farnell Clarke and co-founder of App Advisory Plus, combining his years of accounting experience with his vast understanding of the ever-growing tech needs of firms and of app providers.

Rowan Van Tromp is an ACCA accountant and a director of App Advisory Plus. He is a Senior Success Manager at Karbon as well as a certified Zapier Expert. Rowan has a passion for supporting accountants with systems and process improvement using technology.

Lauren Harvey is the founder and director of award-winning firm Full Stop, and a long-time Karbon partner and advocate. She has fully harnessed the power of cloud technology within her firm, including through her recent adoption of Karbon Practice Intelligence, and was a worthy winner of the Total Xero Award in 2022.

Watch the webinar now!

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