The State of AI in Accounting: Emerging Trends, Challenges and Opportunities with App of the Month Karbon image

The State of AI in Accounting: Emerging Trends, Challenges and Opportunities with App of the Month Karbon

Tuesday 25th June at 10:30 am BST

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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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As AI technology continues to evolve, it is reshaping the landscape of accounting, offering new possibilities and posing unique challenges. This webinar will delve into how AI is impacting both individuals and firms in the accounting sector, providing a comprehensive overview of emerging trends and actionable insights for accounting leaders.

This session will draw on findings from Karbon's research into how accounting firms around the world are reacting to and approaching AI, reveal the most common AI use cases in accounting firms, and share Karbon's innovative AI functionality to demonstrate how your firm can use Karbon AI to work more efficiently.

Register to discover:

  • The current state of AI in the accounting profession and its impact.

  • The top 3 use cases of AI in accounting and their practical applications.

  • The challenges and opportunities AI presents for your accounting firm

  • What you should consider when integrating AI into your practice

  • How Karbon's AI functionality can enhance efficiency in your firm

  • Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of accounting with AI


Rowan Van Tromp, Principal Customer Success Manager at Karbon. Rowan supports accounting firms to make the most out of Karbon so that they can achieve their goals. He's an ACCA accountant, a certified Zapier expert, and previously worked at App Advisory Plus and PJCO Accountants at the time they became QuickBooks UK Firm of the Future.

Will Farnell, Co-Founder of App Advisory Plus and Founder of Farnell Clarke Limited. Will Farnell is founder of Farnell Clarke, one of the first 100% cloud-based firms globally way back on 2009. Will is also co-founder of App Advisory Plus and author of The Digitial Firm and the more recent book The Human Firm published by Sage in 2023. Will is a respected speaker and mentor to accounting firms globally.

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