Leading the charge of accounting tech adoption: from Xero to Firmcheck and everything in between image

Leading the charge of accounting tech adoption: from Xero to Firmcheck and everything in between

Join the exclusive webinar with Firmcheck: App of the Month August 2023

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Wednesday, 30 August 2023
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Join Will Farnell, co-founder of App Advisory Plus, in this exclusive catch-up with Xero co-founder, former Accountant and Chairman of Firmcheck, Hamish Edwards, and Amanda Prisk, Firmcheck's Chief Product Officer (CPO).

In this session, our speakers will be discussing how the world of digital accounting began, the impact of a small New Zealand start-up called Xero and how the industry has changed and evolved over the last 15 years. The session will also explore where it might go next as we look into the future.

Given this insight into the tech enabled accounting world, with Hamish's experience from creating Xero we'll explore what made him choose to work with Firmcheck, why is AML and governance is so critical to the modern firm, and what is the vision that is going to set Firmcheck apart from other tools in the market?

Plus! A demo courtesy of CPO Amanda where she will run through the software and show why it is possibly one of the most complete solutions available.

 Join this exciting webinar to:

  • Hear more about the development of the cloud accounting world we see today, where it started, where it has been and where it might go next.

  • Why the co-founder of Xero ended up involved in AML and governance solutions.

  • Understand why effective AML and governance is critical to the modern accounting firm and why we should utilise the opportunity to know our clients.

  • Learn more about Firmcheck and why it could be your go to AML solution.

Thought-leadership from one of the biggest names in cloud accounting, don't miss out!


Hamish Edwards is a seasoned software entrepreneur with a passion for building innovative solutions and leveraging technology in the accounting industry. As the co-founder of Xero, a leading global accounting software platform, he has played a pivotal role in revolutionising the way small businesses manage their finances. He was pivotal in the early growth of Xero where he helped shape the product and grew the customer base in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom by leveraging his accountancy background. Currently, he's involved with a few select technology businesses, including Firmcheck, his most important, where he is their Executive Chairman.

Amanda Prisk is Firmcheck's, Chief Product Officer. She looks after all aspects of the Firmcheck product, ensuring the product continues to bring value and delight to accounting firms as they manage their firm's AML compliance. Amanda is an experienced leader in the SaaS industry. She was the first product designer at Timely (appointment booking software), growing their product design team and driving key aspects of how they grow and evolve the product for their customers.

Will Farnell is co-founder of App Advisory Plus and founder of Farnell Clarke, the UK's first 100% cloud accounting practice, based in Norwich, Norfolk with clients across the UK. Will now uses the experiences acquired as a tech-driven firm to support other firms moving to a digital-based strategy. He’s regarded as one of the UK’s foremost thought leaders and speakers on accounting tech and the changing landscape and environment currently driving the accounting profession.

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