Provide advisory and CFO Services with Qokoon image

Provide advisory and CFO Services with Qokoon

Join Qokoon for a webinar on how their AI financial analysis and reporting software can help your accounting practice provide advisory and virtual CFO services.

Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Qokoon will do the number crunching, financial analysis and preparation of the monthly finance report, allowing you to quickly gain more insight into your clients’ financial performance, and provide them with more accurate and actionable advice to improve their profitability, cash generation and resilience.

Thanks to their automation of financial analysis and reporting, accounting practices can increase their own efficiency and effectiveness and provide more value-added services to more clients. Stand out as experts in your field, increase your clients satisfaction and be seen as real “superheroes”.

We’ll share how Qokoon can help you provide your clients with the confidence of a CFO, automate your analysis and reporting processes, and stay on top of your clients’ businesses in real-time.

You should attend if you want to:

– Learn how Qokoon can help you gain total and instant understanding of your client’s financials and health

– Gain insights on how technology can help you grow your business by providing accurate and timely financial reports and advisory to your clients

– Discover how Qokoon can help you go from Accountant to CFO with analysis, reports and advisory that wow your clients

– See how Qokoon can instantly detect anomalies in your clients data (bookkeeping errors, fraud?)- Discover how Qokoon can help streamline your workflow and save time on analysis and reporting tasks

– Help your clients secure loans or investment by effectively communicating their business performance- See a live demo of Qokoon’s software

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 / 10.30 am – 11.30am

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