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Spotlight Reporting - Customer Voice: Elver E-Commerce Accountants

Tuesday 26th March at 2pm

Tuesday, 26 March 2024
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This series allows you to immerse yourself in a journey through our clients' remarkable stories of transformation, the obstacles they've triumphed over, and the goals they've attained through their collaboration with Spotlight Reporting.

We’ll closely examine the client journey, and offer valuable insights and lessons for anyone seeking to excel in their ventures.

For this webinar, our very own Melanie Rollason, Customer Success Specialist at Spotlight Reporting, will be sitting down with Oliver Blackmore, Director at Elver E-Commerce Accountants

Elver E-Commerce Accountants's mission is to empower and enable the growth of e-commerce businesses in the UK. To serve as trusted financial partners to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Elver E-Commerce Accountants provide personalised accounting services tailored to meet unique e-commerce needs. Leveraging the power of technology and their vast experience in accounting, they are committed to delivering value, convenience, and sound financial advice to the e-commerce sector.

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing:

  • The partnership between Elver E-Commerce Accountants and Spotlight Reporting and how we've helped them improve efficiencies.

  • How Spotlight Reporting has been instrumental in addressing challenges that Elver E-Commerce Accountants faced.

  • How Elver E-Commerce Accountants is making an impact in the e-commerce accounting space.

  • How Elver E-Commerce Accountants is successfully selling advisory services.

Plus lots more.

Join us on Tuesday 26 March at 2pm GMT to hear more from Oliver Blackmore and Spotlight Reporting’s, Melanie Rollason. 

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