The role of payment innovation in 2022 image

The role of payment innovation in 2022

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

2022 is fast becoming seen as the year of payment innovation. Open banking has unlocked new ways for businesses to operate whether it is how they make payments, efficiently and effectively or getting paid faster and smarter to can improve their cash flow. These new innovations also create new opportunities for accountants and bookkeepers to further enhance their role as a trusted advisor to the their clients helping them run even better businesses.

New solutions are entering the market at a full on pace adding to the sense of app overwhelm for many accountants and bookkeepers..

AREX and App Advisory Plus presents a webinar to help highlight this emerging category of technology that will be the centre of innovation throughout 2022 and beyond. We have brought together a collection of apps who are disrupting the older ways of working for the better.

Join us in this one-time webinar hosted by Will Farnell. He is joined by representatives from 5 disruptive payment Innovation companies – AREX, Crezco, Comma, iwocaPay and Libeo. These companies answer probing questions that will illustrate how these new payment innovations can help your clients improve payment processes and make the most of access to capital.

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