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AARO is a consolidation and reporting provider that helps accountants and finance departments with UK GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP, and Management Reporting

About this App

Consolidation, Reporting, Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

That includes acquisition registers, automatic intercompany matches and eliminations, lease management, tax calculations, multicurrency, process control, dashboards, automatically distributed reporting packages, disclosure etc. We provide; out of the box solution, integration with other systems such as General Ledgers, and statutory accounting expertise.

Our end-customers are in a wide range of industries, everything from medium size to large multinational corporations. We make Consolidation & Reporting smooth by providing out of the box solution and statutory accounting expertise.

Please visit www.aaro.com for more information and webinars.


AARO Corporate Performance Management consists of:

  • Consolidation and Reporting including UK GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP

  • Lease Accounting with automatic taxes, currencies, interest, and dates

  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

  • Operational Management Reporting, Simulations, and Analytics

  • Disclosure, Dashboards, and Sustainability

  • Integration with existing source systems such as ERP (integration & drill-through)

  • Integration with Microsoft Office including MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

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AARO online Academy

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App features per category

AARO Corporate Performance Management

We make The Financial Close, Budgeting and Forecasting smooth processes by providing out of the box solution and accounting expertise,

while integrating with your existing source systems such as ERP. AARO automatically integrates data from ERP systems and makes drill-through to transactional data possible directly from AARO.

Our AARO Academy offers on-line classes covering IFRS, Share Based Payments, Financial Instruments, Group Accounting,  Advanced Reporting, etc.

Please visit: AARO Academy | Online training courses in IFRS and AARO. The classes would be available free of charge for your staff during a certain period.

We create new opportunities for Accounting Firms.

Cash flow forecasting

With AARO Cash Forecast you can calculate and monitor the cash flow on a company- as well as on a corporate level. AARO Cash Forecast makes reliable cash forecasts in different currencies a natural part of your group reporting with structured follow up of outcome versus forecast. In addition, it allows companies to report on foreign currency exchange rate exposures. AARO Cash Forecast can be an integrated part of your AARO solution but is also a stand-alone product that can be used independently of AARO.


Foreign currency

 AARO allows for foreign currency translation. Example of rates may be ending rate for the Balance Sheet, average / weighted for the Profit & Loss, historical rate for acquisitions, budget rate for the budget, etc. Hyperinflation reporting may include: two closing rates (monetary and non-monetary)

Currency in Match reports

When analyzing intercompany differences, it is often desirable to do this in the local currency for the person doing the analysis. You can select the currency parameter to Match report. Thus, companies can see and analyze their match reports in any currency, using their own reporting currency, or any other currency.  


Reporting & dashboards

  • Gain complete control and visibility into Corporate-level financial data.

  • Management Reporting and Analysis Leverage powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights into your business operations, allowing for informed decision-making.

  • Statutory Reporting and Management Reporting AARO provides statutory reporting such as UK GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP, along with management reporting, including analytical-, operational-, internal-, and business area-reporting, out of the box.

AARO offers new ways of presenting the progress of your business compared to set targets. With gauges, gadgets, reports, graphs that can be added to a Dashboard, you can create and present progress indicators comparing values with target values based on AARO data. There are a variety of settings such as colour themes, defining size and presentation of ranges, data labels, etc.



AARO report generator includes a number of standard reports, as listed below. In AARO it is easy to independently construct reports and ad-hoc analyses. All your users can create their own reports.All reports, standard and constructed, are transparent – that is to say you can use Drilldown, Drill-Through to external datas ource such as an ERP, and Expand to examine details. In AARO you can “drill” and expand as you wish without predefined search paths.

  • Balance sheet and income statement (outcome, prev. yr., divergences as %).

  • Balance sheet and income statement (companies by column, so-called group sheet).

  • Balance sheet and income statement (from input data to total contributions in the group by column (all adjustments incl. exchange rate differences and minorities)).

  • Cash flow.

  • Reconciliation of shares in subsidiaries.

  • Balance check.

  • Specification of shareholders’ equity.

  • Specification of fixed assets.

  • Standard report, adjustment bookings (debit/credit).

  • Variance Reports e.g. Actual vs Budget, Actual vs Forecast.

Reports can be created and presented in several ways: directly in AARO via the Web client, or via our integration with Excel. Excel-generated reports can also be saved directly in the Web client. When you create reports in AARO, you can choose either tabs with figures, or line, bar, circle, area or waterfall graphs. Graphs in AARO are also transparent with the help of Drilldown, Drill-Through and Expand.

Visit AARO Corporate Performance Management

Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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