AIMS: "AutoEntry means more time to focus on getting new clients in!" image

AIMS: "AutoEntry means more time to focus on getting new clients in!"

AIMS Accountants for Business relies on AutoEntry for its ongoing success. Learn why and how the 200+ accountants at AIMS are empowered by AutoEntry, and what this means for their clients.

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onTuesday, 16 January 2024

AutoEntry recently popped into the London, UK offices of AIMS Accountants for Business, where we received a warm welcome.

AIMS is a nationwide association of over 200 accountants, and has been operating for 30 years. It focusses on core accountancy, taxation and advisory services for small, local and independent businesses.

Each member of AIMS is, of course, a small business itself, and this provides insight that leads to exemplary personal service.

We sat down with Jessica Rajwan, who is the Franchisee and Partnerships Manager at AIMS. She told us all about the value AutoEntry brings to her members.

Then we saw down with two members of AIMS, known as Principals—Nick Nguyen and Jason Burman. They explained how AutoEntry is transformational in the work they undertake with their clients.

Jessica Rajwan: "Accountants have more time to focus on getting new clients in"

Here's what Jessica said:

The need for getting information that is on paper, or information that might be on a client’s own mobile phone, or their own computer, to one of the accountants—that’s a problem.

By using AutoEntry and creating more efficient processes, what that means for accountants is they’ve got more time to focus on getting new clients in. That gives them the ability to go out and do more marketing, and meet new clients.

AIMS is a national association of independent accountants. They all operate their own practices, but they do that under the AIMS banner. My role really is to help the accountants that are within the AIMS network to run their practices.

So, part of our initial training for franchisees when they come on board with AIMS includes a demo of AutoEntry. It includes an explanation of how it works, how data extraction can help them, and how it can and should fit into their processes, and how it contributes to the overall running of a more efficient practice.

Nick Nguyen and Jason Burman: "I’m spending more time focussing on my client relationships"

Here's what Nick and Jason said:

Nick: Prior to AutoEntry, I had to put the receipts in one by one. It didn’t remember the rules. Once you put the rules in, you had to literally click to publish. Now that, for 30-odd invoices, could take half an hour to an hour to do.

Jason: I find I’m spending more time focussing on my client relationships. And how to manage their tax affairs, making them as tax efficient as we can.

Nick: AutoEntry enables me to get more clients because it’s more efficient and I can review in a faster time because I can trust the software. I can trust it’s coming through accurately.

JasonWith AutoEntry I can, if you like, do bulk posting from the same supplier. You can check them and you’re able to bulk-tick them and then bulk-upload them into whatever bookkeeping software you’re using.

Jason: So, in terms of how it works, in principle, your key areas are purchases, sales and supplier statements. Plus, there’s the functionality for bank statements as well.

Nick: It’s as easy as downloading any old app on their phone, which most people who are even half tech savvy should be able to do. And it’s just then trying to make sure clients use it on a daily and weekly basis.

AutoEntry: A basic requirement for all accountants

AutoEntry is the fastest way to capture, categorise and publish financial documents through to accounts software.

As our interviews with AIMS members shows, it means accountants can spend less time chasing and entering data, and more time building meaningful relationships with clients.

In fact, AutoEntry can reduce data entry times by up to 90% while increasing accuracy by up to 99%.

Sign-up for a free trial by clicking the link at the top right, or click to book a personal 1:1 demo with a member of success team, to find out how AutoEntry can transform the work you do.

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