Get free app suggestions with our App Stack searching tool image

Get free app suggestions with our App Stack searching tool

onSunday, 10 October 2021

With so many accounting-integrated apps now available, one of the hardest parts of recommending apps is where to start.

We’ve been recommending apps to businesses for a while now, so we know a thing or two about apps. To share our knowledge we built a searching tool called the App Stack.

With our App Stack searching tool, you can tap into hundreds of hours of research to identify the most relevant app categories and up to two suggested apps per category for the chosen business sectors that you need apps for.

Some sectors are broad and cover various types of businesses, or business scenarios. That’s why we added an extra filter, the ‘Business Case’ to help you get to exactly what you’re looking for.

In total the App Stack has 25 business sectors and over 60 business bases, giving you a better search experience.

Use our accounting and non-accounting integration filters to narrow your options even further.

To benefit from this knowledge all you need to do is create a free account and go to “Create App Stacks & Reports”.

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