How to maximise adoption of the DEXT platform for Optimal Accounting image

How to maximise adoption of the DEXT platform for Optimal Accounting

onWednesday, 24 November 2021

No real need for an introduction as we all know Dext (formally Receiptbank), our November App of The Month. But we’ll give it a shot for those who may not have heard of them; Dext puts powerful tools at the fingertips of accountants and business owners for real-time and accurate insights to help your firm be more productive and more profitable. It is tipped at the one-place for real-time financial insights from automatically checked and categorised data – freeing up more time for you to add value and spend less time on the basics.

With all this going on, we were privileged to host Dext as our November App of The Month, which saw Will Farnell discuss various topics with Paul Lodder from Dext. This engaging webinar covered topics ranging from what we mean by ‘Optimal Accounting’, how we make it happen in our accounting and bookkeeping firms, using real-life experiences, and finally wrapping up with how Dext will continue to continue to support the accountants, bookkeepers and businesses.

If you’re looking to optimise your firm using Dext, you can now catch up on the webinar here .

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