How to create an App Stack and White-Labelled Report using App Advisory Plus image

How to create an App Stack and White-Labelled Report using App Advisory Plus

Learn how to use App Advisory Plus, from App research and comparison to final thoughts presentation.

Posted byDaisy Walker
onMonday, 7 August 2023

What is an App Stack?

In accounting, an App Stack refers either to a set of chosen apps for offering services across clients or an industry-specific integrated suite supporting a client's business processes.

Want to create your own App Stack?

Use our free App Stack builder!

How to use the App Advisory Plus App Stack builder:

Step 1

Sign into your free App Advisory Plus account

Embedded image

Step 2

Go to the App Advisory Plus App Stack builder

Embedded image

Step 3

Select the primary industry your firm or client covers.

For this example, we have selected "Hospitality"

Embedded image

Step 4

Select the specific business case within this industry.

For this example, we have selected "Pubs, Bars & Restaurants"

Embedded image

Step 5

Now you can select the Platform your firm or your client already use. If they don't use any of the listed general ledgers, or you want to keep your options open, select "Other/haven't decided yet/not applicable" as we have done in this example.

Embedded image

Step 6

This will shortlist all the Apps that fit your chosen filters, separated by Category. Here, you can Compare up to 4 apps by clicking the "Compare" button.

Click here to learn more about Comparing Apps!

Step 7

Once you've decided on an App, click "ADD TO STACK".

Embedded image
Note: Some Apps have cover multiple categories. If you add Apps to your Stack via the directory, you can choose which categories you want to App to be listed under.
Embedded image

Go through and select all Apps required, then click "VIEW STACK"

Step 8

This will give you an overview of the Apps you've added . You can also rearrange the order of Categories which will determine where this section sits in the white-labelled report.

Embedded image

Name your App Stack relevant to its purpose and click "SAVE STACK".

Step 9

This will save your Stack in your App Stack library. Here, you can View, Rename and Delete your Stack

How to create a White-Labelled Report with App Advisory Plus:

To create your unique White-Labelled Report using this App Stack, click "Create Report"

Embedded image

Step 10

From here, you can customise your auto-populated report.

Change the name and client's logo.

Embedded image

You can also change your company/personal logo and edit the content.

Step 11

Content will be auto-populated using the information each App page includes, but we recommend adding your own information, context and expertise here to personalise the report to your firm or client's needs

Embedded image

Once you're happy, hit "REVIEW"

Step 12

Do this for each App listed on the report. Once you're happy, you can click "Save" to save the report to your library - you can find these by going to the top right icon on the toolbar and select "App Stacks & reports"

Embedded image

Once you're happy, click "Review" to see the created PDF, which can then be downloaded directly or saved to your account.

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