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One of the main questions we get asked about Zapier is “How can Zapier help me as an accountant?”

onTuesday, 21 July 2020

How can Zapier help me as an accountant?

One of the main questions we get asked about Zapier is “How can Zapier help me as an accountant?”.

Zapier can help to automate processes that are currently manual, as well as maintaining data consistency across the multiple applications you use so that there’s always one source of truth. You can use it to run your practice more efficiently, and to help improve financial and non-financial workflows for your clients.

We've put together some useful resources to help you to understand more about how Zapier can help your practice and your clients.

Which apps link to Zapier?

Find out which apps have Zapier integrations by running a quick search from your Zapier dashboard (you'll need to be logged in).

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Try our Zapier integrations filter as part of our App Directory.

Content to help you get a general understanding

  1. Zapier’s favourite accounting Zaps

  2. Pixie’s guide to Zapier for accountants

  3. 5 Zapier automations you can’t live without

  4. Top 10 Zapier hacks with Heather Satterly and Practice Ignition

  5. Zapier steps in to the cloud integration gap

Understanding Filters

Understanding Formatters

Content to help you understand specific Zaps

Webinar slides: Webinar Slides: Accountex Virtual Summit November 2020. Zapier Masterclass

Approval Workflows

Using Zapier to notify invoice creators once an invoice is approved in ApprovalMax

Automatically Send Invoices from Xero once they’ve been approved by ApprovalMax

Receipt Bank

How does Receipt Bank work with Zapier?

Lead Management and Onboarding

GoProposal Zapier Integration

Connecting Senta to Practice Ignition via Zapier

Automate your lead management and onboarding with apps and Zapier

Managing leads using Cognito Forms, Calendly/Acuity, Pipedrive, Mailchimp,  and Practice Ignition

Practice Igntion and Mailchimp

Automatic Onboarding with Mailchimp

5 ways to use the Senta Zapier integration

10 Zapier automations to keep your Karbon contact details up-to-date

How to Integrate GoProposal with Pixie using Zapier

How to integrate Practice Ignition with Pixie using Zapier

Automate AML onboarding and ongoing compliance with XAMA


How do the QuickBooks and Xero Zapier integrations compare?

How do the Zapier integrations for Karbon, Pixie, and Senta compare?

App Advisory Plus are certified Zapier Experts

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