ApprovalMax for Airwallex Enables Global Batch Payments: A Seamless Financial Solution image

ApprovalMax for Airwallex Enables Global Batch Payments: A Seamless Financial Solution

ApprovalMax and Airwallex have extended their partnership to the Australian and New Zealand markets, offering businesses a seamless solution for global batch payments, thereby streamlining financial controls and simplifying the accounts payable process.

onTuesday, 24 October 2023

Building on their recent partnership announcement in the UK in April 2023, ApprovalMax and Airwallex are thrilled to extend their collaboration to businesses in Australia and New Zealand starting today. This development coincides with the prestigious Xerocon Sydney, a key event in the Australian accounting landscape, where both ApprovalMax and Airwallex showcased their offerings at the ICC on the 23rd and 24th of August.

The expansion into the Australian and New Zealand markets marks a significant milestone for both companies, empowering accounting partners to deliver a comprehensive solution that simplifies financial controls and approval processes for international payments. Leveraging the cutting-edge financial technology of both ApprovalMax and Airwallex, this integration aims to streamline operations for businesses seeking to enhance their financial management practices.

By integrating Airwallex batch payments into ApprovalMax, users can effortlessly create payment batches, undergo automated approval processing, and execute payments through Airwallex, all within the ApprovalMax platform. This seamless integration promises businesses greater financial oversight and a streamlined accounts payable cycle, simplifying the entire process from initiation to approval and payment execution.

Moreover, the integration empowers accounting firms to manage client payments without necessitating direct access to their bank accounts or cumbersome manual file uploads. This not only saves time and reduces errors but also strengthens financial control mechanisms, ensuring a more robust financial management system for businesses.

Key Benefits of the ApprovalMax and Airwallex Integration:

For organizations managing substantial payment volumes, particularly those involving international transactions in foreign currencies, leveraging Airwallex within ApprovalMax provides a seamless and efficient option.

Collaboratively, ApprovalMax and Airwallex:

  • Ensure a continuous payment process from preparation to completion

  • Enhance cash flow management by securing proper stakeholder authorization for payments

  • Facilitate convenient and cost-effective international payments to over 150 countries in 40+ currencies

  • Streamline payment reconciliation with transparency

  • Automate the creation of an audit trail

  • Enable accountants to make payments without direct access to client bank accounts

  • Facilitate seamless data synchronization to Xero, encompassing payment information and bank feeds.

This integration is especially advantageous for businesses already utilizing Airwallex, as well as for partners offering treasury services. Active accounts with both ApprovalMax and Airwallex are required to access the benefits of this integration.

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