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ApprovalMax Onboarding, Training & Support

We asked ApprovalMax about their onboarding, training & support.

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We asked ApprovalMax about their onboarding, training & support

The ApprovalMax Partner Learning & Certification Programme is a set of two different instructor-led online learning sessions, followed by a formal online certification questionnaire.

The training provides partners with the essential knowledge for using both the ApprovalMax product and complementary tools to the best possible extent. This helps facilitate smooth client onboarding and support.

Session 1

Session 1 covers ApprovalMax key capabilities, typical use cases and a conceptual overview of how to set up end-to-end Bill Automation with ApprovalMax.

Session 1 is intended for partners who are just starting to use ApprovalMax and need a basic product introduction. It is also aimed at those seeking to extend understanding of the potential ApprovalMax use cases and optimal positioning of the product for end users.

Session 2

Session 2 covers client onboarding, setup and support, different lifecycle management activities such as billing and subscription management, licensing as well as other frequently asked questions. The session is largely based on product demo.

Session 2 is intended for partners who are actively onboarding new or managing multiple existing clients.”

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Do you provide setup or migration services (excluding training)? (provide details if applicable)

It is pretty easy to set up ApprovalMax, so usually our customers (both accounting & bookkeeping practices and businesses) set up the product themselves. Plus, we provide comprehensive guides, videos and a searchable Knowledge Base on our website ( With these resources customers can set up even complex workflows on their own.

However, for customers who prefer to utilise our expertise in setting up ApprovalMax, we do provide a setup and training package.

What do you setup?

We set up the complete approval workflow based on customer requirements, including approval routing rules, purchase order template rules, the integration with Xero, cross-approvals for multi-entity organisations (with multiple Xero files). 

We can also assign Review & Coding rights for those who are allowed to revise bills before approval, and set certain limitations for the actual creation of purchase orders (this is useful if an organisation that wants to restrict employees in terms of the number or type of suppliers they can select). 

It is also possible to set up the tracking of particular changes made to a finance document in Xero after it has been approved in ApprovalMax, depending on what the customer requires.

What information do you need to set up ApprovalMax yourself?

In general, customers are asked to fill in an onboarding questionnaire, which covers all topics relevant for the authorisation process. We can also use the customer’s existing documents that describe their financial controls and approval processes, e.g. Visio flowcharts.

Do you provide templates in Excel?

Yes, the customer onboarding questionnaire is available to all partners as an MS Excel template via the Partner Portal.

What systems do you offer migrations from?

Usually, our customers switch from email and paper-based approvals.

In more complex cases, such as moving away from legacy bespoke systems or from competing products like Zahara, ApprovalMax does provide additional professional services for the migration.

Is there a setup/migration cost? (please specify)

It is free if done by the customer/partner.

It is 219 GBP if done by ApprovalMax (one-off fee, 2 working hours assumed, including both setup and training).

Staff training

Do you provide staff training? (provide details if applicable)

ApprovalMax provides a learning & certification programme for our partners – accounting and advisory practices – to help them enable smooth client onboarding and support. This programme is free of charge.

End-user training is part of the setup and training package (219 GBP).

How many sessions?

The Partner Learning and Certification training includes 2 sessions: one for general product overview and the other for a detailed product demo. The sessions are currently instructor-led.

2 to 3 sessions as part of the setup and training package for end users.

How long are the sessions?

For partner training the approximate duration of each session is 90 minutes.

For end users there are 2 to 3 sessions of 60 minutes each.

Are they online or in person?

Always online using Zoom.

How many staff can attend?

Any number.

Is there a cost involved?

Partner training & certification is free for all partners (practices can apply to become an official partner on

End-user training is included in the setup and training package (219 GBP).

Do you have UK trainers / UK training hours? 

We don’t have UK-based trainers, but the online training sessions are scheduled during UK business hours.


Are all support channels available on all plans?

When signing up for an ApprovalMax subscription, you automatically get access to our Basic Support service, via email during UK business hours (9am — 5pm).

The Partner status entitles you to Priority Support, which includes phone and online meetings during UK business hours (9am — 5pm) as well as a first response time of 2 hours during UK business hours (9am — 5pm).

During the trial period, our Customer Support team is happy to help you via email. Also, you can find the answers to common questions, consult best practices and learn more about our software in our public Knowledge Base any time.

For more details please refer to:

Do you get an account manager and what is their role? 

Yes, our partners get a dedicated partner account manager as their single point of contact. The account manager will bring in other teams if needed and make sure that all the customer’s requests are handled as soon as possible.

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