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Deputy Xero Integration

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Xero Integration

The following information syncs between Deputy and Xero:

  • Employee data

  • Timesheet data

  • Tracking categories

The Deputy integration with Xero syncs employee details and annual leave. Employees are matched between Xero and Deputy based on their full name and email address. If there is an inconsistency in data between Xero and Deputy, Deputy will be the source of truth and will overwrite Xero.

If you turn on “Auto Sync Employee”, when you create the sync and

  • The employee is only in Xero & not in Deputy, Deputy sync the information from Xero into Deputy

  • The employee is only in Deputy & not in Xero, Deputy sync the information from Deputy into Xero

  • The employee exists in both Deputy & Xero, Deputy sync employee details using Deputy as the source of truth

If you turn on “Xero Pay Templates”, the source of truth is Xero, meaning Deputy pulls the information from Xero into Deputy. If you don’t choose to turn on “Xero Pay Templates” the source of truth will be Deputy and Deputy data will push to Xero.

During employee detail updates, Deputy is always the source of truth. For pay rates: You can choose either Xero or Deputy to be the source of truth.

Employee information will automatically be synced every 15 minutes and there is also a manual syncoption.

After approving your timesheets you will then be ready to export from Deputy into Xero.

Xero tracking works by matching areas in Deputy to Xero Category options. These category options need to match exactly with the Deputy area export codes otherwise they will not track correctly.

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