Dext announces the general availability of Dextension at Accountex London, 2024 image

Dext announces the general availability of Dextension at Accountex London, 2024

Dextension is a free Chrome browser extension designed to enhance productivity for bookkeepers and accountants by streamlining workflows and integrating seamlessly with Dext and other cloud accounting solutions.

onWednesday, 15 May 2024

London, UK – 15th May, 2024 – Dext, the leading bookkeeping automation platform provider, today announced the release of Dextension, a browser extension that unlocks productivity for bookkeepers and accountants. Available for free to all Dext users via the Chrome extension store, Dextension represents a significant advancement in accounting automation.

The launch of Dextension highlights Dext’s continued commitment to innovation, making it effortless to work with Dext and leading cloud accounting solutions.  Dextension is a free downloadable browser extension, available on the Google Chrome Web Store. Users can switch it on with one click to unify their software experience, enabling customers smooth transitioning between Dext and their accounting software.  The browser extension provides many features that streamline accounting workflows and provides critical context to dashboards and bank reconciliation by allowing users to see attachments and request missing paperwork directly where they do that work.

Back in 2011, Dext became the world’s first service to automate the collection and data extraction of receipts and invoice for accountants, bookkeepers and their small business clients. Since then, and for over a decade, Dext has broadened its deep expertise working with bookkeepers, accountants and business owners across industries from construction through to retail to reduce the friction in bookkeeping with automation and applied AI processing over 1M documents a day.

Stephen Edginton, Chief Product and Technology Officer, explains the development of Dextension: “At Dext, we strive to make accounting effortless, we worked closely with some of the best bookkeepers across the world and observed how they worked – they spent significant time between Dext and their accounting software –  context switching, reconciling the bank, switching tabs, navigating between organisations – repetitive work. Over 500 users have helped us refine the extension, and we will continue to enhance it to further automate bookkeeping and save time”.

“In the age of AI, tools like ours are a great example of how technology can elevate the indispensable role bookkeepers and accountants play, using automation to free them into doing more. That is what creates smart, strong businesses and we’re proud to be showing the wider tech industry how to innovate in ways that help people make the most of their expertise."

Sabby Gill, CEO at Dext

Dextension will be available from 15th May to all Dext customers.

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