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Dext Commerce is your must-have bookkeeping automation software to fetch, standardise and reconcile sales transaction data from over 30 digital commerce platforms in real-time

About this App

What is Dext Commerce?

Dext Commerce is the game-changer you've been waiting for! Designed for businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers, our automated and accurate bookkeeping solution transforms the way you manage your digital commerce sales channels. Say goodbye to wasted time, human error, and manual processes. With Dext Commerce, you'll breeze through reconciliations and reclaim valuable hours to focus on growing your business. Experience the efficiency of automation and unlock new opportunities for expansion. 

Don't let manual tasks hold you back:Join the Dext Commerce revolution today and watch your business thrive like never before. Streamline your bookkeeping, boost your business – with Dext Commerce.


What does it do?

Retrieve detailed and accurate data

From Amazon to Stripe, Dext Commerce fetches itemised transactions from retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems, payment providers and more.


Consolidate and standardise

Once the data has been retrieved from multiple platforms, it’s converted into a standardised format, covering sales, expenses, refunds and reimbursements.


Export with ease

Customer details, payment methods, shipping fees, taxes, SKU info and more can all be exported to your Xero or Quickbooks account in seconds. Pick and choose the data you want.


Key Benefits

Real-time sales

Stay ahead of cut-off dates, deferred revenue and more, with real-time sales data presented in a standardised view.


Tax-ready, wherever

Split out fees and taxes, for accurate sales figures. Allocate the correct tax rate, whether sales are local or international.


Itemise everything

Once transactions are retrieved, the data can be separated into sales, fees, refunds and reimbursements.

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30 day free trial, no credit/debit card required

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Geographies Served

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App features per category



    • Efficiently reconcile all facets of your digital sales, including payment processing fees from third-party payment vendors


    • E-commerce enterprises often depend on a multitude of vendors, encompassing seller marketplaces, e-commerce websites, payment processors, and point-of-sale systems. Dext Commerce consolidates all your data into a unified view, streamlining operations


    • Traditionally, accounting for digital sales has been an arduous and time-consuming endeavor, frequently yielding unimpressive returns for accounting professionals. However, Dext Commerce empowers you to offer e-commerce and digital commerce accounting services at scale, with substantial profit margins.


    • The accuracy and comprehensiveness of your accounting software play a pivotal role in critical business decisions and the generation of precise financial statements. Consequently, it is imperative to import precise and detailed data into your accounting software. Dext Commerce facilitates this process by synchronizing, standardizing, and delivering high-quality, "accounting ready" data from an expanding range of digital commerce vendors

  • EPOS

    • Numerous enterprises nowadays opt to amalgamate brick-and-mortar sales with an e-commerce strategy. Dext Commerce excels in automating accounting operations across both channels, owing to its expanding roster of integration partners encompassing point-of-sale systems like Square, payment platforms such as Stripe and PayPal, as well as e-commerce vendors like Amazon and Shopify.

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