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Our vision is to empower practices with a seamless platform where document and practice management unite, driven by FYI’s advanced process automation and workflow capabilities — an evolution in practice management.

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onTuesday, 5 September 2023

In the fast-paced world of professional services, the demands of practice management have grown exponentially. It’s no longer enough to merely manage; innovation and adaptability have become the new benchmarks. At FYI, we’ve been listening closely to your needs, and we’re thrilled to introduce a transformative solution that’s set to revolutionise the way you manage your practice: FYI Elite.  

This new tier in FYI has been designed to offer an integrated solution for document and practice management, driven by FYI’s process automation and workflow capabilities. Offering time & billing, reports, client maintenance, employee management, and more, Elite empowers your practice for greater efficiency and success. 

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Navigate chargeable hours with precision 

Elite’s time and billing feature is your practice’s ultimate tool for precision and efficiency. It simplifies the way you handle chargeable hours, offering a host of benefits to make your practice run seamlessly: 

  • Flexible billing across multiple entities 

  • Advanced WIP management  

  • Customisable invoice approvals 

But that’s not all! Elite also lets you create and manage multiple time rates effortlessly, tailor non-chargeable time categories, handle disbursements, and generate invoices that perfectly match your practice’s requirements. 

Tailored insights at your fingertips 

In the world of practice management, flexibility is paramount, and that’s precisely what Elite practice reporting offers. With the power of Excel, you can create custom reports that align perfectly with your practice’s unique needs and preferences.  

Experience the benefits of live reports, with incremental refreshes ensuring the most recent data is available in real-time. Coupled with the flexibility of automatic updates or refresh at your convenience, delivery of your practice insights has never been so easy. 

Our reporting takes a leap into sophistication, leveraging the power of custom fields directly into time and billing. When you dive into reporting, you’ll find your data, seamlessly inherited and pre-selected, eliminating the need to fill in the blanks.  

Elite offers on-demand insights precisely when you need them, with over 10 ready-to-use templates.  

Boost productivity with dynamic dashboards 

Productivity dashboards are your gateway to enhance efficiency and informed decision making with real time visibility and performance tracking. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Elite’s productivity dashboards allow you to quickly access and ungroup data. Display your productivity by date range, apply filters and distinguish between chargeable and non-productive time targets at a glance. Keep track of draft timesheets, compare expected hours with actual input and ensure everything is up to date, avoiding any unwanted reminders from the practice manager.  

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Experience a new level of automation  

Elite introduces game-changing automations across practice management, transforming your operations. These automations not only save time but also enhance efficiency, consistency, and accuracy. Automation opens up a world of possibilities for streamlining your practice management – imagine automating monthly invoices, disbursements, reports and more. With Elite, you have the flexibility to design custom automation solutions that fit your practice’s unique needs.  

Empower your HR management  

With Elite, we’re taking FYI’s powerful features and extending them your active employees, providing you with an all-in-one solution for efficient employee management. Harness the power of FYI’s custom fields to gain comprehensive insights into your team. Streamline HR processes effortlessly with employee automations, from onboarding to performance reviews, tailored to each employee’s needs. Your sensitive employee documents are secure, ensuring confidentiality and safeguarding of all critical HR information. 

Seamless Setup and Migration  

We understand the challenges that can come with system migrations, such as backdating timesheets and dealing with disruptions. With Elite, set up and migration is a breeze, taking just a few hours to get you up and running. We ensure all WIP and invoice data is imported so you can immediately benefit from the valuable reporting. Our user-friendly wizards ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to migrate your WIP at any time during the month, without disrupting your team’s workflow. And the best part, it’s easy to configure yourself, eliminating the need for external support.  

So where to next?  

Currently, Elite is in its Beta phase. The general release will follow the successful Beta testing.  

Waitlist opportunity: Join the list to keep up-to-date about the development process and be granted priority access when we release for general. Please use the link here to sign up. 

Beta Registration: If you are eager and qualify based on the prerequisites outlined below, we invite you to register for the beta. Please use the link here, and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Existing FYI & XPM user 

  • Approximately 10 – 25 users 

  • Not currently using XPM workflow jobs 

New to FYI: If you’re new to FYI, we recommend booking a platform tour with one of our new business managers who will walk you through the platform and answer any questions you might have. Please follow the link here

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