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GoProposal go Silver with App Advisory Plus

Pricing and proposal tool GoProposal by Sage have renewed as a Silver partner with App Advisory Plus.

Posted byGoProposal
onTuesday, 16 January 2024

In a move to deepen activities - and joining our other Sage partner, Futrli - pricing and proposal tool GoProposal by Sage have renewed as a Silver App Advisory Plus partner for 2024!

This means that GoProposal will remain a frequent feature in both our social media and our fortnightly newsletter, as well as joining in other exciting events throughout the year.

This shift will enable both App Advisory Plus and GoProposal to concentrate our efforts on specific areas that align closely with our organisational goals, fostering a targeted and impactful partnership. The move is expected to deepen the strategic aspects of our existing collaboration, creating a focussed approach that aims to deliver heightened value for all parties. By concentrating efforts on key initiatives, App Advisory Plus is confident that this transition will pave the way for even more meaningful and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Look out for more updates from GoProposal!

GoProposal is a simple to use pricing and proposal tool that empowers accountants and bookkeepers to price consistently and profitably by helping convey value to the client.

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