Release notes: Boost your Shopify sales and streamline your bill management from Airwallex image

Release notes: Boost your Shopify sales and streamline your bill management from Airwallex

What's new in Airwallex? September 2023 update

Posted byAirwallex
onTuesday, 10 October 2023

Airwallex has some exciting updates and new features for its users this month! Here's a breakdown of the key announcements:

1. Airwallex Bill Pay 🧾

Airwallex is launching a new feature called "Airwallex Bill Pay" that simplifies the process of managing and paying global invoices.

  • Users can upload invoices into the Airwallex platform, and the system will automatically extract the necessary data, eliminating the need for manual input.

  • Customisable approval workflows can be built for invoice submissions.

  • Payments to vendors can be made quickly and easily using Airwallex Transfers.

  • If users have connected their Airwallex account to Xero, they can code invoices using their chart of accounts or import approved invoices directly into Airwallex for payment.

  • The aim is to streamline invoice management and eliminate fragmented workflows.

2. Boost Shopify Sales with Apple & Google Pay 🛒

  • Airwallex is the first payment service provider (PSP) on Shopify to support both Apple Pay and Google Pay express checkout.

  • Offering these payment options at the checkout can help reduce friction and increase sales, as more than 50% of shoppers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • Shopify merchants can natively embed the Airwallex checkout into their stores, collect payments in multiple currencies, and avoid unnecessary currency conversions.

  • Localized checkout options, including 30+ payment methods like major card networks and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options, are available.

3. Improvements to the Airwallex Platform 🎨

  • Account Group: Users with multiple business entities can use the new "Account Group" feature to view aggregated Wallet balances and transaction data in one place. They can also download reports from multiple accounts and transfer funds between accounts. This update allows accounts in different regions to be added to the same group for easier global money management.

  • Direct Debit Deposit from Canadian Dollar Account: Users can now top up their Airwallex Wallet from an external Canadian Dollar bank account via direct debit. To do this, they must link their external bank account to Airwallex and authorize direct debits from the external account.

These updates and new features seem designed to enhance the user experience and provide more comprehensive and streamlined financial services through the Airwallex platform, especially for businesses with global operations.

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