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Zahara Feature Updates

Courtesy of Zahara: Here are the latest features

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Courtesy of Zahara: Here are the latest features

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SSO – Single Sign On

This has been on the cards for a while and is finally here. We are introducing login with Google and Login with Microsoft. Provided your Zahara user’s are already setup and their username / email matches their Google or Microsoft 365 email, then they will be able to login without using a Zahara password.

Advanced Purchase Orders

The Division in Zahara is extremely important because it engages the workflow options and the Budgets. This is set above the line items. Well we are now allowing “multi-grouped” purchase orders in the same way we allow this on invoices. This means that individual line items can be set to specific Divisions and therefore go out for multiple concurrent approvals and multiple budgets can be affected by one purchase order. So think of this as an advanced purchase order. This has taken months to do as it affects so much of the mechanics of Zahara.

Invoice Inbox Rights

We have changed access to the Invoice Inbox so you can allow users in specific Divisions to have access to their own invoices. Currently a user has to have access to all Divisions to see the Inbox which is cumbersome.

Mobile App

For those of you using the Mobile app you will have noticed a number of improvements of late. We have introduced receipting of orders and photographing of the delivery note as well as general improvements to raising orders.

Projects – New notes section

Projects now have a notes section where you can record notes and comments about a Project.

Zahara 3

The new version of Zahara 3 is gathering momentum. The development team are working hard to replace the front end of Zahara as quickly as possible bringing a smarter user interface and a much faster experience. We expect the Invoice Inbox to be released for testing soon as well as Invoice and Purchase order create.Thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to suggest changes or features. Some of these get addressed quickly and others stay with our thoughts for the future. We have finite development resource so we have to balance the requirements of the customers we have with the customers on the horizon about to join Zahara – sometimes conditionally!

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