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Zahara Onboarding, Training & Support

We asked Martin Pierce, CEO of Zahara, about their onboarding, training & support for clients.

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Zahara offer UK based support between 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (GMT), via email or telephone.

We asked Martin Pierce, CEO of Zahara, about their onboarding, training & support for clients

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Setup & Migration

Do you provide setup or migration services (excluding training)?

Yes. We “on-board customers” and charge accordingly for this.

What do you setup?

Users, permissions, business structure, workflows, suppliers, coding – basically everything that’s required to use Zahara. We call it “turn-key”.

Do you provide templates in Excel ?

Yes. We have a staging spreadsheet so the customer knows the kind of information we need. Obviously with Xero/QuickBooks Online we sync some of the data – like suppliers and coding, but getting the structure right is the most important thing. Then worflows work as required.

What systems do you offer migrations from?

Most users are coming to us fresh, i.e. they were using paper before. Some have come to us from Concur and Approval Max so will know the kind of information we need.

Staff Training

Do you provide staff training? (provide details if applicable)

Yes. Zahara is very easy so needs a few remote sessions. If we are deploying SmartInvoice or ABBYY FlexiCapture then several remote sessions or on-site days are required.

How many sessions?

Usually agreed up front, depending on the size of the deployment and sophistication.

How long are the sessions?

Usually 40 minutes max – we don’t wish to overly burden in one go.

Are they online or in person?

Usually online, can be onsite if as stated above complex software is being deployed – ABBYY FlexiCapture needs nurture training as so large.

How many staff can attend?

We prefer to train the trainer and let them train end users.

Is there a cost involved?

All training is chargeable as Zahara can be self-service with over 110 articles in the knowledge base.

Ongoing Support

Are all support channels available on all plans?

Lite should be self-service, but in reality all users of Zahara can place support tickets.

Do you get an account manager and what is their role?

For the unlimited edition – £5000+ per year then yes, you get an account manager.

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