Implementing AI breakthroughs: Enhancing and empowering individuals to drive growth with App of the Month AutoEntry image

Implementing AI breakthroughs: Enhancing and empowering individuals to drive growth with App of the Month AutoEntry

App of the Month webinar with AutoEntry | 27th February at 10.30 am (UK)

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
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The recent breakthroughs in generative AI have blown all our minds. But few accountants understand where and how it will impact their daily processes, meaning anxiety and trepidation can arise.

In this webinar, Will Farnell and Sean Smith examine the client touchpoints where generative AI will have the most impact now and in the future—while also examining the transformative importance of the human experience throughout everything. Technology has only ever enhanced accountants, and with generative AI it’s truly possible to plan for growth while empowering and enhancing the humans within the firm.

We'll explore:

  • Generative AI breakthroughs and where they impact accounting and bookkeeping.

  • How accountants can automate client touchpoints with AI while simultaneously enhancing the human approach.

  • Where generative AI can create real efficiencies that mean you can do more, with the same resources.

  • Why you need to keep abreast of AI advancements in the coming years, and how to do so.

  • What to expect from clients following the intro of advanced AI, and how to manage change within your practice.


Will Farnell, co-founder of App Advisory Plus and accounting firm Farnell Clarke, the UK's first 100% cloud accounting practice, based in Norwich, Norfolk with clients across East Anglia, London and the UK. Built by the team at Farnell Clarke, App Advisory Plus was developed to fulfil a need that so many accountants and businesses have - what Apps fit my client's or my own needs?

Sean Smith is an Accountant and Bookkeeper Evangelist at AutoEntry and Sage. Sean is highly passionate about client experience and strives to help firms create seamless client journeys, using frictionless technology to deliver the best client experiences. Sean has spent the past 8 years working with a range of accounting technology firms helping practices manage change, introduce and design customer centric services, whilst at the same time improving processes within their own firms.

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