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Automate repetitive tasks: Focus on growing your business

About this App

Effortless Workflow Automation and App Integration with Appy Pie's No-Code iPaaS

Integrate your apps and services with unique trigger and action without writing a single line of code.

Connect. Automate. Invent.

From ordinary assignments to complex business workflows, automate your business process without getting you into complexity

  • Connect your apps and keep data flowing between them indefinitely.

  • Automate a large number of business processes by setting-up by multi-step Connect Flows.

  • Create a dynamic corporate workflow that link data from different departments.

Integrate More Than 1000 Apps and Get More Done in Less Time

Create workflows to automate your business processes, and improve efficiency.

How it Works
  1. Select the applications for Trigger and Actions: Search and select the applications that you want to integrate a Trigger and Actions

  2. Select the desired connect you wish to integrate and automate: Select the desired connect from the available connects from chosen apps, and Click on "Connect"

  3. Integrate the selected applications: Integrate with the selected applications accounts by allowing the API access for Appy Pie Connect

  4. Design your workflows with real data synced from your applications: Start designing the workflows by mapping your real data synced from applications

  5. Test your connections: Test your connection with both Trigger and Action apps and confirm

  6. Go Live: Now sitback & relax and see the magic of your Appy Pie Connect automation workflows

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App features per category

Connect applications and People

Connect matches and synchronizes customer data across your connected apps. The data gaps between sales, marketing and customer care are removed, so you can get the most out of your customer data.

Integrate Data and Applications

Connect helps you to easily make high-level data-driven decisions with the most up to date data. Connect gives you peace of mind by knowing that all of your apps are up to date with the latest customer data. You no longer have to worry if your reports are accurate, or if your teams have access to the correct customer information for their campaigns.

Automate Data and Applications

Automate workflows on any channel, device or platform to create new experiences for customers, partners or employees.

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