Visit the App Advisory Theatre at Accountex London! 15th-16th May 2024 image

Visit the App Advisory Theatre at Accountex London! 15th-16th May 2024

On top of exhibiting on stand 1671, we are also hosting a full programme of talks from our own App Advisory Theatre (Theatre 9) throughout the conference!


On top of exhibiting on stand 1671, we are also hosting a full programme of talks from our own App Advisory Theatre (Theatre 9) throughout the conference! Come join in the discussions, listen to expert opinions and real-life stories from practicing accountants and software specialists.

Don't forget to take part in our Scavenger Hunt, running both days, for your chance to win up to £250 in vouchers!

Day 1 - Wednesday 15th May

10am (15th May) - App Advisory in-house: When should you operate in-house or choose to outsource?

As clients embrace core cloud accounting tools, advisors face inquiries about leveraging additional technologies for enhanced business efficiency. This prompts a debate: should advisors acquire new tech skills to provide in-house solutions? What are the risks of outsourcing to third parties? Can certain aspects of app advisory be handled internally while delegating complex tasks externally?

Join Frances Kay as she moderates a discussion among seasoned practitioners, exploring these questions and offering insights on monetising App advisory services while supporting clients effectively.

Speakers: Frances Kay (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), John Toon (Beevers and Struthers), Emily Deakin (Farnell Clarke)

11am (15th May) - The Era of Cloud Accounting: Past, Present and Future with Hamish Edwards, Co-Founder of Xero

Will Farnell interviews Hamish Edwards, Xero Co-Founder, reflecting on 15 years of cloud accounting progress and future prospects. Have practitioners fulfilled Xero founders' visions? Why is adoption still modest? Recent research indicates only 37% have bank feeds connected, with less than 31% using pre-accounting tools. This discussion delves into enhancing client value and anticipates advancements in accounting tech for the next five years.

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Hamish Edwards (Firmcheck, Xero)

12pm (15th May) - The Future of Practice Management

In this session looking at what the future holds for practice management our panel will explore the transformative impact of AI, reporting intelligence, and integrated cloud-based products on the modern day accounting practice. Join us for an enlightening discussion on how these innovations are reshaping management of clients and internal performance.

Speakers: Frances Kay (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Rowan Van Tromp (Karbon, App Advisory Plus), Nathan Davis (CT: Accountants Advisers)

1pm (15th May) - Understanding your clients: Why cash flow forecasting is vital for small businesses

Understanding and addressing clients' challenges is vital for providing optimal support and fostering their success. Cash flow forecasting is indispensable for small businesses, enabling them to pre-empt and manage potential adverse effects effectively. As their accountant, you play a pivotal role in enhancing business resilience and guiding them towards financial stability.

In this session, Will and the panel will discuss:

  • Why your clients need you (more than you think)

  • How cash flow forecasting empowers your clients to make powerful business decisions

  • Steps to make cash flow forecasting a core service

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Helen Cockle (Futrli, Sage), Paul Redmond (RDA Accountants)

2pm (15th May) - The future of AI and machine learning, and what it means for accountants and bookkeepers

Join Will Farnell and Stephen Edginton, CTO at Dext, for a fireside chat on tech's future and its impact on accountants, bookkeepers, and clients. While many focus on maximising cloud accounting tools, vendors delve into the next tech wave, paving the path for innovative accountants and bookkeepers. Gain insights into accounting tech's future from industry insiders driving current trends.

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Stephen Edginton (Dext)

3pm (15th May) - Putting Pricing into Practice: Strategies to Scale & Grow

Pricing remains the holy grail for many firms. How do you price competitively yet charge the value you’re worth? This session isn’t a debate on time versus value pricing, but a practical session that will discuss:

  • Why you need a systemised pricing system to avoid scope creep

  • The fears associated with pricing new and existing clients

  • How to price competitively and make more money (without losing your clients)

  • Will Farnell’s personal experience within Farnell Clarke and working with other accounting firms

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Jack Choppin (GoProposal), Cheryl Sharp (Pink Pig Financials)

4pm (15th May) - Advisory in the new era: Bridging the gap between accounting firms and clients

Join us for a discussion as we delve deeper into bridging the gap between accounting firms and clients with advisory services. We'll be sitting down with industry experts and accounting practitioners to discuss the advisory journey, how firms can work towards their advisory goals, and real-world examples of how firms are making an impact with advisory and driving success for their clients.

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Mel Rollason (Spotlight Reporting), Katherine Robertson (Youtopia), Darren Austin (Synergee)

5pm (15th May) - Lessons learned from App implementation

Join us for drinks at the end of day 1 of Accountex as we explore the lessons learned from implementing new technologies. Hear all about the trials, tribulations, failures and - of course - successes of App implementation. Our experienced panel will share their successes and failures to help you have the best chance of thriving in advising on and implementing new technology.

Speakers: Frances Kay (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), John Toon (Beever and Struthers), Dayle Rodriguez (Kreston Reeves), Emily Deakin (Farnell Clarke)

Day 2 - Thursday 16th May

10am (16th May) - The Never Never Land of Accountancy

Join Emily Deakin, Head of Client Experience at Farnell Clarke and Ellis Bennett founder of EA Accountancy as they discuss how technology and apps have enabled a new way of working for business owners and their team. As a firm owner or emplyee have you ever dreamed of living the life you desire but didn’t know was possible? Or would you like to stand out as an employer giving your team even more flexibility? The possibilities are endless with all the tools readily available, so come with us where dreams are born, and time is never planned.

Speakers: Emily Deakin (Farnell Clarke), Ellis Bennett (EA Accountants)

11am (16th May) - Why striving to be a Digital Firms is still critical and the impact on accountants, bookkeepers and their clients

We have been discussing the concept of a digital firm for a few years now but for many it still remains an aspiration. This session will discuss what it means to be a digital firm and why it remains critical to meet the needs of the clients we serve and to ensure we can recruit the talent we need to deliver for our clients. In this session Will Farnell will discuss with practitioners turned tech vendors Paul Lodder and Katie Hawking the benefits of automation for the end user as well as the accountant/bookkeeper. The outcome of this greater automation will bring clarity for better decision making and most importantly putting people first, delivering positive impacts for your team and clients.

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Paul Lodder (Dext), Katie Hawking (Dext)

12pm (16th May) - Innovation and technology shaping the future of audits

Join our panel session led by John Toon to discover how technology is reshaping the auditing process and data trail landscape. Learn how to streamline auditing process through automation, while strengthening financial controls to ensure strict compliance with accounting principles and policies.

This session is designed for forward-thinking accountants who want to enhance auditing practices and data integrity, whether for clients or internally. It offers practical tips on building a structured approach to internal financial controls and automation.

Speakers: John Toon (Beever and Struthers), Alex Keselman (ApprovalMax), Alex Aubrey (Circit), Kristina Perry (Carpenter Box)

1pm (16th May) - Optimising lead management by leveraging CRM, Zapier and AI

Join Solvaa's Kelly Goss for insights on leveraging no-code app integration and automation for bookkeepers and accountants. This session will look how firms can optimise their lead management by intergrating the key systems and AI to make the process efficient and effective. Through real-life case studies and guidance on using Zapier, you'll leave empowered to implement these strategies in your firm.

Speaker: Kelly Goss (Solvaa)

2pm (16th May) - How to expand your Advisory offerings with an HR service line

Accountants and bookkeepers often handle payroll for clients, presenting a chance to expand services into HR. This could mean offering HR software or broader HR services like contracts and handbooks. Options include in-house delivery with white-label solutions or outsourcing to HR experts. Join our panel to learn how practitioners have leveraged this to generate new revenue alongside existing payroll services.

Speakers: Will Farnell (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Sophia James (SafeHR), Mark Overend (Ascentis Accountants), Lauren Sanders (Farnell Clarke)

3pm (16th May) - Is App Advisory now a requirement for every firm?

As the App ecosystem continues to evolve, are we at a stage where a cloud general ledger on its own is no longer enough? Is it a necessity for all modern and forward-thinking firms to be confident in advising clients on technology selection. Frances Kay and Emily Deakin will discuss this topic and highlight how solutions like App Advisory Plus and communities like the Systems Advisory Network can provide the support you need to support your clients and team effectively.

Speakers: Frances Kay (App Advisory Plus, Farnell Clarke), Emily Deakin (Farnell Clarke)

Visit stand 1671 for a quick demo of App Advisory Plus and join in our Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a prize!

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