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itsettled is a fully automated, legally compliant cashflow & credit management platform that collects your invoices fast, reduces risk, and impro...

About this App

itsettled identifies payment risks, collects your sales invoices, and improves your cashflow performance.

itsettled is an automated cashflow & credit management tool for business owners who don’t have the experience, time, money, or resources to manage credit control themselves. We give them peace of mind that we optimise their cashflow position and protect them from future risks. Get your clients to try us for 30 days for free, and we will improve their working capital position within seven days.

3.1 million companies are trading on credit in the UK. Unfortunately, 1.4 million of these have had their cashflow negatively impacted by customers who don’t pay their invoices on time, with many more being subject to poor payment practices. These businesses have money, and the problem is it’s sitting in someone else’s bank account. We want to eliminate this pandemic and give SMEs control of their money.

Benefits to the businesses:

  • Access to data to improve financial performance, expertise and risk insights

  • Reduce their overdue debtors by as much as 40% within 30 days

  • Optimise their net cash position over 7, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days

  • Decrease the time spent recovering unpaid invoices by 65%

  • Give early-warning intelligence on cashflow management to avoid risk exposure

  • Help positively gear their business finances to support growth

  • Optimise their chances of replaying the loan

  • Enhance their chances of getting new funding

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App features per category

Credit Control

  • Chasing Settings

    • Don't chase on weekends

    • Turn off reminders for specific invoices

  • Customer Portal 

  • Invoice finance

  • Invoice reminder emails

    • Attach invoices

    • Automatically send reminders

    • Conversation history 

    • Delay/Pause all reminders

    • Don’t chase invoices prior to any expected payment date

  • Reporting and Risk

    • Average days overdue per customer report

    • Average debtor days report

    • Risk alerts

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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