Create a Team

With Teams, you can collaborate and share App knowledge with your team mates. No matter if you work with a small team or you are part of a large company, creating a team on App Advisory Plus is step 1 to a better work life.

Our primary goal was to allow you to like and dislike Apps, to recommend for against them to your team mates. Soon, you will also be able to leave App notes and share Apps and App Stacks.

Teams are available to anyone who has registered with App Advisory Plus.

Creating a team

  1. Go to your account by clicking on the menu icon in the top right, and select Account.
  2. Click to Create a team under the Your Teams heading.
  3. Name your team and click Go.

You're now ready to begin managing your team.

Leaving a team

Team Members can leave a team at any time. Team Owners must ensure at least one other owner remains before leaving a team. Teams must have at least one Team Owner at any time.

If you are the final remaining member of a team and wish to leave the team, delete the team instead.

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