Manage a Team

As Team Owner, you have control over the people within your team. To invite others into a team that you own, select the team from your account page and go onto the Members page.

Scroll down to the section titled Add New Member and enter the email address of the person you wish to join your team, and select the role they should hold.

After clicking the Add button, they will become a member of that team. We will inform your new team mate by email that they've become a member of your team. If they are not yet a registered user of App Advisory Plus, they will be prompted to register for an account, and after registration will automatically become a member of the team.

Team Owners can add members, remove members and edit the role of existing members.

Editing Roles

Team Owners can edit the role of any team member by first clicking on the Members page in the sidebar. Alongside each team member in the list, click the dropdown and select to edit the role of the specified member.

After a role has been changed, the team member will have updated permissions based on their new role. To read about each role and the permissions assigned to each, read about Team Roles.

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