The Productivity Push: 3 Ways Pixie Gets Staff to Work Smarter and Do More image

The Productivity Push: 3 Ways Pixie Gets Staff to Work Smarter and Do More

Explore Pixie strategies to enhance productivity and empower their staff to work smarter. Learn practical techniques and tools that can help you maximize efficiency and accomplish more in less time.

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onTuesday, 27 June 2023

Not getting through the work and not sure why? Don’t understand how your staff are spending their time? Here’s how Pixie accounting practice management software helps to get visibility over staff work and empowers them to be more efficient.

As an accounting practice manager, how do you really know how staff are spending their time? Are they delivering at capacity and how would you know? Where are the opportunities to improve?

That's where Pixie accounting practice management software comes in. Pixie has been adopted by 20,000 accounting practices across the globe. That’s because it enables you to gain visibility over your staff's work, boost efficiency, and empower your team to work smarter. 

Here we’ll explore three ways Pixie helps you get a better understanding of your staff's work and enhances their productivity.

1. Time Tracking and Analysis  

Pixie's time tracking feature allows your staff to log their time spent on different tasks and projects. 

This is super valuable data. Timesheets aren’t necessarily a new thing. Business has used this approach for years. But, with Pixie, it’s all incorporated into a central system. 

Everyone who needs it has visibility of it. It’s nicely linked to client deliverables.

It gives the business owner real-time data to make much more informed decisions about resource allocation and workload balancing.

From there, patterns may emerge. You can see trends in how much time staff spend on repeating tasks. Compare their averages and spot where some staff are falling behind.

It’s about optimising workflows and keeping staff on track. If you can streamline processes and identify areas where productivity can be enhanced, then that’s a win-win for everyone. 

Staff will thank you for setting realistic deadlines and being able to manage client expectations effectively.

2. Task Management and Collaboration

Plenty of tasks need more than one person on it. A team approach can be tricky in remoting working environments. So how can this be made easier?

Pixie’s task management and collaboration features make for seamless communication and collaboration among your staff. 
You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress within the software. Others in the team can see what’s been assigned and in what stages the different activities on one job will be delivered. 

It’s easy to pass notes to each other with clever tabs. If that same job needs to be repeated in a month or a year, then these notes make it easy to keep whoever picks up the job next the right info.

There’s no more need for manual check-ins and updates, ensuring that everyone is aligned and aware of their responsibilities.

Through Pixie, your staff can provide status updates, ask questions, and share files. This kind of transparency really helps the team work together better.

Real-time notifications keep everyone informed about any changes, which reduces miscommunication and avoids delays. 

By centralising accounting practice task management and collaboration, Pixie helps your staff work together cohesively, leading to increased productivity and improved client service.

3. Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Pixie's performance monitoring and reporting features are super helpful to track your staff's productivity and identify areas for improvement. 

You can generate customised reports that showcase how you’re meeting key metrics, such as task completion rates, time spent on client work, and overall performance.

After checking out these reports, you can pinpoint where productivity bottlenecks may exist. That’s a big bonus for staff. You can help them with targeted support and training when it appears they need it.

It’s also easier to recognise high-performing individuals or teams and foster a culture of excellence within your accounting practice.

Pixie's reporting capabilities also help you have informed discussions with your staff. By sharing performance data, you can provide constructive feedback, set goals, and motivate your team to continuously improve their efficiency and productivity.

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Where to from here?

With Pixie accounting practice management software, it’s all in one place, which gives you the visibility you seek. A big win for productivity. 
You’ll turn around at boost in productivity push and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. 

Try Pixie today and unlock the power of accounting productivity workflow management.

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