Accountex Summit Manchester 2023 - which of our Partners will be there? image

Accountex Summit Manchester 2023 - which of our Partners will be there?

Tuesday 19 September 2023: Accountex North begins. Here's who you can see from the App Advisory Plus Partners!

Posted onMonday, 18 September 2023

Returning after the success of last year, Accountex Summit Manchester, also known as Accountex North, promises to be another big event for the accounting industry. Networking, product demos and some big launches all in one day of learning and building relationships.

App Advisory Plus co-founder, Will Farnell, will be attending, as well as joining a panel with Gold Partner GoProposal at 12.15pm, Theatre 4. If you see him, say hello! 👋

 This list may not be exhaustive and some Partners are likely attending without exhibiting or taking part in talks. It's a day of socialising, learning and collecting merch - enjoy!


Here is a list of our Partners who are exhibiting and taking part in seminars - please drop buy to give them some love and to learn all about their work. Keep your hands free for goodies, the swag is next level! The stands are as follows:

FYI on stand B16

Stop by to enjoy a demonstration from the FYI team, including their latest updates and upcoming plans.

FreeAgent on stand D7

Not only are they giving two fascinating talks at Theatre 1 (see below), FreeAgent will also be on their stand for questions, demos and more. They had a caricaturist at Accountex London 23, just saying...

IRIS Software Group (IRIS Elements) on stand E7

Can you survive the appocalypse? Nope, that’s not a typo. IRIS claims to have the antidote to this dystopian future... Worth a visit, right? Check out their double bill on at Theatre 1 (2.15pm and 4.15pm)

Bright (AccountancyManager) on stand E15

The Bright stand is always a treat, full of colour and a range of products and expertise. At Accountex London, the team were ingeniously colour-coded so it’s extra easy to get help: yellow for practice management software (AccountancyManager), orange for payroll software (BrightPay), and blue for tax software (BrightTax).

Sage (GoProposal) on stand F7 & AutoEntry on stand G7

Look out for the colour green because it will probably be Sage! With multiple Apps and companies under their umbrella, Sage is always worth a visit. Don’t forget to join James Ashford from GoProposal and Will Farnell for their panel in theatre 4 at 12.15 pm. AutoEntry

Firmcheck on stand F21

The brand-new AML software will be launching at the conference!! Firmcheck strips back AML to its most efficient form, giving accountants and bookkeepers the simplest means of AML compliance.

We were lucky enough to host an exclusive first-look at this new UK software, as well as sit down for a past-present-future chat with none other than Xero co-founder, Hamish Edwards, in our August App of the Month webinar.

Don’t miss out on their exciting product launch!

Capium on stand G5

Look for the purple people! Stop by for demos, goodies, quizzes and more! Check out Capium’s highlights from Accountex London back in May: You might even see a giant tree walking around…

Futrli by Sage on stand G8

Coffee? A friendly chat? Improving your cash flow forecasting? What’s not to like! Join Futrli by Sage at their Accountex North stand, and up your reporting game. They’re hard to miss!

Dext (Dext Commerce, Dext Precision, Dext Prepare) on stand G9

Find the see the orange for expert and friendly insights on how Dext can help you to be more productive and save time on your day-today tasks! Always some good swag from Dext, trust us.

Capitalise on stand G11

Feel the buzz! Pop by to hear from the Capitalise team on how to support small business clients, and don’t forget to arrive early for their kick-off panel on empowerment and equality at 9.15 am, Theatre 4 (see below).

Karbon on stand H17

Save time, energy and stress with Karbon. Stop by to hear all about the product, including the new Karbon AI expansion, as well as implementation tips and tricks. Questions answered!


Education Programme

One of the crowning advantages of Accountex is the fantastic education programme, offering a huge range of panels, seminars and talks from the accounting industry’s leading experts. Take a load off and you’ll almost certainly learn something! Hear from our partners, here’s our top pics:

Capitalise: 9.15 am - Theatre 4

Empowering voices: why equality = success for your firm with Capitalise, Telleroo, ICB and Insight101

In an era where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are no longer just buzzwords, but essential drivers of progress, this panel discussion will delve into the critical significance of embracing DEI within the accounting industry.

Real-world examples will highlight how diverse teams enhance problem-solving and client relationships, while practical strategies will offer insights into fostering an inclusive culture.

You will leave equipped to lead change, amplify inclusivity, and propel their firms toward a future where equality equals success.

GoProposal & Will Farnell: 12.15 pm - Theatre 4

You SHOULD take it personally! Why knowing your client can never be boring with GoProposal, BookSmart Accounting, Principle Point and Will Farnell, Farnell Clarke and App Advisory Plus

We’ve all met the people and families behind small businesses, which is why understanding what motivates and inspires them is so important when advising them on their future.

Lydia, Will, Richard & James explore why it is essential to really get to know your clients, and the transformative impact it can have to power and impact your profit, efficiency and client value.

Dext (Dext Commerce, Dext Precision, Dext Prepare): 13.15 pm - Theatre 4

Unlocking efficiency: lessons from a successful accounting automation journey with Dext and BDO

Hosted by Paul Lodder, this session delves into the success story of a Dext partner who seamlessly integrated accounting automation tools into their practice. Gain firsthand insights into their journey – from navigating pain points and challenges to making critical decisions. Discover what they might have approached differently and explore the transformative impact this implementation has had on their processes, workflows, and overall business growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gather practical tips and expert guidance on how your firm can effectively implement automation strategies, driving significant time-saving efficiencies for both your team and your valued clients.

Bright (AccountancyManager): 14.15 pm - Theatre 3

Take a step into the future: The tech stack to propel your practice with Bright

When running a busy firm, you must invest your time and effort into the places that generate money.

If you’re reading this and interested in attending Accountex – it likely means you’re looking at ways and tools to improve the efficiency of your practice.

But the question is, how can your tech stack enable you to work more effectively, reduce the administrative burden and ultimately make you more money?

During this session, the Bright team will give you an overview of the technology landscape, what apps they typically see in a tech stack, and more importantly, how the apps should work together.

IRIS Software Group (IRIS Elements): 14.15 pm - Theatre 1

Take a step into the future: The tech stack to propel your practice with Bright

Do you want to emerge victorious from the current talent battle that is waging across the Accountancy Profession? Join Emma Crawford-Falekaono, Divisional Director of Accountancy at IRIS as she delves into the dynamic relationship between outsourcing and technology in modern accountancy practices. You’ll be treated to success stories from innovative firms that have masterfully combined outsourcing and technology to achieve a 4-day workweek. But that’s not all. This session isn’t about choosing one over the other; it’s about embracing the best of both worlds. It will challenge conventional thinking, proving that both outsourcing and nurturing in-house talent can be powerful and valid solutions to the talent gap.

Prepare to be equipped with invaluable insights and actionable strategies that will supercharge your efficiency, turbocharge your productivity, and enable you to deliver unprecedented value to your clients.

FreeAgent: 15.15 pm - Theatre 1

The AI advantage: steps to future-proof your practice with FreeAgent

With artificial intelligence (AI) emerging as a hot topic in the accounting industry, it’s important to separate reality from the hype.

Join FreeAgent’s Tony Stevenson FCA and Craig Clarke for a discussion with Chris Oxley (UHY Hacker Young Manchester), to get the real scoop on what’s happening and how you can lay the foundations to collaborate with AI technologies.

You’ll learn:

– the current state of AI in the accounting industry
– how Chris Oxley is preparing his practice to harness the benefits of AI
– predictions on the practice of the future
– how FreeAgent uses AI to enhance features with you and your clients in mind

FreeAgent & IRIS Software Group (IRIS Elements): 16.15 pm - Theatre 1

AI vs. accountants: the end of accounting as we know it? with IRIS and FreeAgent

Brace yourself for an epic debate that will determine the future of the accounting profession as we know it! Curated by Steve Cox, IRIS Business Intelligence Director, this session will feature the major professional bodies debating with leading accountancy vendors as they delve into whether Artificial Intelligence is the end of Accountancy as we know it.

They will explore the challenges of adopting AI today and glimpse into the future of AI in accountancy. Don’t miss this historic event, where the fate of the accounting profession will be decided. Grab your spot now for an unforgettable showdown that will empower you with invaluable insights for your practice’s future success!


Good luck to all our Partners and do everyone exhibiting and giving talks. Huge thanks to Accountex and all their staff and crew for making happen. Have a great day!

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